Berlin, Feb 7, 2019

Made in Nature: Scopri i valori del biologico europeo (Discover the principles of European organic agriculture) is the title of the project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy member companies that will involve Italy, France and Germany, sharing the principles of fresh and processed organic fruit and vegetable growing.

Made in Nature is the EU-funded project aimed at promoting the principles and culture of organic fruit and vegetable growing in Italy, France and Germany in the next three years (from 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2022). As stated in the title of the project (Discover the principles of European organic agriculture), the aim of the EU-funded project, totalling 1.6 million euros, will be to introduce the world of 100% natural produce through B2B meetings, trade fairs, press events and initiatives aimed at consumers in these three countries. The project stresses the importance of the principles of organic agriculture and of the producers who choose this form of business, often forgoing more than 40% of what their land produces. This is also referred to in the visual communication concept: The Great Wave off Kanagawa by painter Hokusai is transformed with an evocative interplay inspired by nature and the power of the sea, representing fresh and processed organic fruit and vegetables, which are now not only a nutritional choice but also a way of life that respects nature, which is its source.

In the last few years, in the organic industry, there has been a rise in the consumption and distribution of organic produce, with numbers increasing steadily. In this scenario, Italy is a leading market player (+153% compared to 2008) and exporting country (for a market reaching almost €2 billion), as are Germany (79% increase in consumption compared to 2002) and France (20% increase in consumption since 2016). Nevertheless, most European consumers know about organic agriculture and its requirements in general, but if we go into detail, a number of shortcomings emerge: Italians lag behind the European average when it comes to knowing about the “organic farming” label (16%), whereas France and Germany are better positioned (32%), but also need to help consumers actually understand the quality and safety implications of this certification. Made in Nature was created with this in mind and with the intention to share the basic principles of organic agriculture by implementing specific activities in all three countries, thus promoting widespread knowledge to be adapted to each situation in order to increase consumer awareness through targeted actions that will also involve the media (press, bloggers, etc.) and sector professionals. The goal is to reach 24 million consumers so as to enhance awareness of organic produce and trigger a further increase in consumption over the next three years.

All planned activities will be held on a regular basis over the next three years and are set to begin in Berlin during Fruit Logistica 2019, where the project will be officially presented to the international press at an introductory press lunch that will take place on 7 February 2019 at Fruit Logistica, in the area dedicated to Italy (A-07, Conference Room, Hall 2.2).

The launch in Berlin will be followed by other initiatives, such as in-store events, digital advertising and PR campaigns involving consumers from the three target countries, and by a series of events and workshops open to journalists and buyers from all over the world to be held at leading trade fairs (Sial, Anuga, Fruit Logistica, Macfrut and Biofach), which will highlight the principles of European organic agriculture.

The companies involved in this important initiative, which is aimed at the Italian, French and German markets, are major Italian players in the organic sector such as Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia, Veritas Biofrutta and Lagnasco, coordinated by CSO Italy, i.e. the Italian Fresh Produce Service Centre responsible for the Project.

Project implementation: SOPEXA Italia

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