Made in Nature, the project financed by the European Union and CSO Italy, continues the actions in support of Italian organic producers, announcing the start of green asparagus harvest campaign, one of the most appreciated vegetables all over the world. The asparagus is a vegetable of extreme quality and with a unique flavour, cultivated in few zones of Italy with methods of excellence.

Following Sinab information, the size of Italian asparagus cultivation is limited to 1.974 hectares and the main markets are Germany, France, Swiss and Austria.

The news about the harvest campaign of this year are presented by Brio, company part of Made in Nature, who propose the Alce Nero organic asparagus, a selected type cultivated and processed by POA, a cooperative based in Foggia. The zone of Puglia Region is particularly adequate for the cultivation of organic asparagus thanks to fecund fields, good water availability and mild atmospheric conditions who facilitates the development of edible and tender tips.

Brio proposes to the large-scale distribution this kind of asparagus in calibrated bundles with a weight of 500 grams and presented in a totally eco-friendly packaging. This solution has been obtained keeping the asparagus with 2 paper strips soldered with an innovative system of ultrasound which eliminates the plastic of rubber bands and protective film, guaranteeing the product safety. The Kraft paper and the graphics elements are created in order to communicate to the costumers the genuineness of organic and Italian products.

Brio is not the only company, part of Made in Nature, to produce organic asparagus; also Canova, the specialized society of Apofruit in organic, produces this kind of vegetable in Puglia and Emilia Romagna Regions.

The green and organic asparagus will be available in supermarkets of Italy and Europe from April. In the last years the consumption of organic green asparagus has shown a constant growth with 1.7 millions of Euros with an increase of +22,5% in valour and +8,2% of volume (a.t. 10/2019 – p.i. – Iper/Super/Lib.Serv.), becoming one of the key-products for fruit and vegetable sector.

The green and organic asparagus is widely appreciated and answers to the increase of consumer exigence in terms of quality and nutritional characteristics, as shown by the constant request in important markets such as Germany and France.

The support actions of Made in Nature for the diffusion and valorisation of European organic fruit and vegetables, financed by the EU and CSO Italy with the collaboration of Italian companies (Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia, Veritas Biofrutta, RK Growers e Lagnasco Group), will continue in 2020 following the seasonality of fresh and organic products, focusing on the values of certified production devoted to consumers and world well-being.

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