The harvest of organic pear has officially started together with the launch of Made in Nature’s Seasonality Tree (, the page on the website created to discover the organic fruit and vegetables periodicity and let the younger know about natural circularity.

For the Italian production are already available in France and Germany the first organic pears produced by Brio, partner of Made in Nature together with UE, CSO Italy and other leading companies of organic fruit and vegetables. Brio is a cooperative company specialised in the production and commercialisation of fresh fruit and vegetables in Italy and Europe. The first pear varieties available are Carmen and Santa Maria, the most premature pears and for the William variety the consumer must wait for the harvest of the first week of August. During these days also the Abate Fetel, Confernce and Kaiser are being harvested and will come soon to the market.

“Thanks to the high quality of our harvested fruit and an important quality we can be optimist about the 2020 pears campaign”, has said Mauro Laghi, Commercial Manager of Brio Spa, “Our pears, in the varieties Carmen, Santa Maria and Williams, will arrive in the large-scale distribution market with our Alce Nero brand, the trademark of high quality organic production”.

The 2019 Italian pear campaign has been complicated due to the invasion of Asian bug and phytosanitary conditions of the fruit but, this year the consumers will have the possibility to taste again the real flavour of Italian pear cultivated in the original dedicated areas (Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piemonte) and enjoy the juicy and particular pulp, the incredible organoleptic values and the sweetness obtained by a perfect timing of harvesting.

The Italian pear are not only good for their taste but, also, from an ethical point of view: “The Brio Italian organic pears come from companies with respect the international working standards, safeguarding the workers’ rights, their safeness and the salubrity of workplace”.

Italy is the major pear producer in Europe, with more than 730.000 tons for year. The organic production has developed in the latest years becoming the 5-6% of the total amount, with 40.000 tons of organic pear cultivated every year (source: CSO Italy). In the latest seasons the Italian pear export has reached an amount of 145.000 tons, while the organic product is around 10.000 tons. The major destinations of Italian pears are the European countries (135.000 per year) with Germany as the first destination (62.000 tons), followed by France (21.000 tons) and Swiss, UK, Scandinavia and Austria. In these markets the quote of organic export is 4.000 tons for Germany and 1500 tons for France.

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