Made in Nature, in its promotion activities, has recently organized an original meeting between Italian producers and consumers where, to preserve the social distancing, have been tasted and illustrated the values of organic fruit and vegetables using a video digital platform. The project is financed with 1,6 million of euros by the European Union and involve six Italian leading companies of organic as Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco, RK Growers, VeryBio, associates of CSO Italy, to promote the organic fruit & veg culture to Italy, Germany and France.

The meeting has been the occasion to highlight the numbers of Italian organic sector, represented for the 70% by the companies part of the project. In Italy more than 1.958 million of hectares are totally organic and the organic agriculture involves 76.000 operators (Sinab). The latest statistics, made by Ismea on Nielsen research, shows that, in 2019, the Italian organic purchases have a valour of 2.5 billion of Euro. In 10 years the growth of organic selling in the large-scale distribution has a +21.7% of growth.

The Italian organic market is composed, in its total, by 23,2% of fruit and 19,2% by vegetables. The 2020 has shown an additional growth for fresh and processed products, with a double figure increase. Great numbers shown also by Made in Nature activities which, in one year, has reached important results.

In the first year the Facebook and Instagram pages have published 180 posts, reaching 900.000 impressions with high percentage of engagement, especially with content about the organic values. Made in Nature website (www.madeinnature.org) has reached more than 20.000 unique users and 2.4 million of people via Google Ads campaign.

Those numbers have shown that the users are really interested and want to know more about organic products and, especially, about the seasonality of fruit and vegetables. For this reason, Made in Nature has created The Tree of Seasonality (www.madeinnature.org/tree), a special website section dedicated to the season of every fruit and vegetable, describing their characteristics and periodicity.

The support actions of Made in Nature for the diffusion and valorisation of European organic fruit and vegetables, financed by the EU and CSO Italy with the collaboration of Italian companies (Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia, Veritas Biofrutta, RK Growers e Lagnasco Group), will continue in 2020 following the seasonality of fresh and organic products, focusing on the values of certified production devoted to consumers and world well-being.

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